Updated descriptive cataloging guidelines


We agreed to the following changes at our Nov. 15, 2011 meeting.


Headings, etc.





Intern procedures

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Intern tips from Carrie:


Here are a few tips for looking up names, particularly useful when trying to determine first name if only an initial (or none) is given.


First, here is a link to a list of online resources linked on Bard – if you cannot access these, let me know:


Artists – Printmakers – Print Publishers:






  1. Try LC name authority file
  2. Check Hamnet for the name to see if it fits the profession/time period
  3. Check BBTI (British Book Trade Index) or SBTI (Scottish Book Trade Index)




  1. Check Plomer or Maxted, two books in the cataloging office (across from Deborah’s desk)
  2. Check Dublin Book Trade, above my desk
  3. Ask any of us if you’re stuck!


On another note, keep in mind that you should also read the 500 notes in each record, as another name might pop up. For example the current record that I’m working on reads:


260  London : ǂb Printed for C. Bathurst; J. Beecroft; W. Strahan; J. and F. Rivington; J. Hinton; L. Davis; Hawes, Clarke, and Collins; R. Horsfield; W. Johnston; W. Owen; T. Caslon; E. Johnson; S. Crowder; B. White; T. Longman; B. Law; E. and C. Dilly; C. Corbett; W. Griffin; T. Cadell; W. Woodfall; G. Keith; T. Lowndes;T. Davies; J. Robson; T. Becket; F. Newbery; G. Robinson; T. Payne; J. Williams; M. Hingeston; and J. Ridley, ǂc MDCCLXXIII [1773]


500  Volumes 2-4 imprints with additional name: T. Evans.


500  Engraved frontispiece portrait lettered: G. Vander Gucht sct. Each play with an engraving lettered: H. Gravelot in; G. Vander Gucht scul.