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Endgame Phase 1

Deadline formal end of project, 30 April 2013

  • Pre-1900 collected editions in English 
  • Individual 18th-century plays in English  
  • Shakespeare in the Art Vault 


Endgame Phase 2

In order by priority. Finish by end of extended project

  • Shakespeare call number ranges in Cage
  • Sh.Misc. (contains a number of selections and adaptations)
  • Individual plays in English post-1830 (all after Hamlet)
  • Collected editions in translation (about 2500 copies)
  • Individual plays in translation
  • School series


Endgame Phase 3

Priority order not determined. Will proceed after end of project

  • PR1241's--collected drama sets
  • Promptbooks
  • ShCols shelved by acquisition number 
  • Other clean-up 


Workplan (May 1 2013)

  • All catalogers will work on cataloging the Shakespeare Collection
    • Carrie 100%
    • Eric 95%
    • Amelia 95%
    • Deborah 50%
    • Nadia 50%
    • Ron 50%
    • Christine 3 days a week
  • Eric will catalog flat works, and then move on to post-1830 editions from Hamlet to the end of the separates.
  • Amelia will catalog post-1900 works in quarto, folio, and flat.
  • Deborah will review the lay of the land in the Cage and assess whether working from the shelflist or by pulling items directly is the better way to go. She can also work on Cyrillic scripts in the translations.
  • Carrie will catalog French works, and those separates that may have been skipped / left behind at the beginning of the project.
  • Christine will continue for the time being on adding tracings and dealing with overlays; she will work at some point soon (date tbd) on PD Adds and PDs.
  • Ron will catalog German works and separates.
  • Nadia will finish off the flat Knights recently discovered.



Workplan (as of 23 August 2012)

  • All catalogers will work on cataloging the Shakespeare Collection
    • Carrie 100%
    • Eric 95%
    • Amelia 95%
    • Deborah 67%
    • Nadia 50%
    • Ron 50%
    • Christine 2 days a week
  • Eric will continue moving through the undated works in English (PR2754)
  • Amelia will also catalog the undated works in English, beginning with PR2754 39a and working backwards.  
  • Deborah will begin cataloging undated works classified by editor (PR2755) 
  • Carrie and Deborah will alternate between works and individual 18c plays, starting with Macbeth
  • Christine will be trained to catalog pre-1831 individual plays, starting with Winter's tale and working backwards
  • Christine will continue for the time being to add tracings to records generated by other catalogers. We will revisit this decision in a couple of months; it may be more expedient to have Christine catalog full time and take on an intern to trace headings 
  • Ron will catalog pre-1831 individual plays, starting with Julius Caesar
  • Nadia will catalog editions of Shakespeare in the Art Vault, and other Knight illustrated editions in the undated collected works (PR2755 K7)


As we near the original grant deadline (30 April 2013), catalogers working on individual plays may be pulled to work on collected editions.



Once the ShCol shelves have been completed, several other areas and sources of information will be checked 

    • spreadsheet for other copies of editions in the ShCol shelves (see General Workflow Superseded) 
    • promptbooks in the PROMPT collection
    • Shakespeare editions on Deck B
    • official file
    • public catalog



  1. Catalogers retrieve books in groups, filling out a single call slip for all contiguous volumes, and move them to a personal shelf or truck. See Preparation
  2. Catalogers under review: once a batch of items (about 6-12) has been cataloged, the cataloger carefully proofreads the saved records in Connexion; when satisfied that they are correct and complete
    • In Connexion, the cataloger also changes the drop-down option in My Status (Alt-Shift-S) to “In Review.” 
  3. Catalogers independent from review: Feel free to ask DJL or another cataloger to look at difficult or complex records; otherwise, return the books to the Reading Room. Independent catalogers are strongly urged to proofread their own work, preferably in batches after a little time has passed, and to review the record in the opac as the final step.    


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