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Modern Materials

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See also General Cataloging Provisions 


  • Catalog according to AACR2. If cataloging copy is pre-AACR2, upgrade. Consult supervisor if the record uses rare book cataloging rules, as will likely happen with American editions cataloged by the American Antiquarian Society (MARC code = MWA, OCLC code = AQM). We will retain the rare cataloging rules, but eliminate the AAS' double punctuation.
  • For multi-volume sets, check pagination if already present on cataloging copy, but do not add to record if not present, unless there are especially fine plates.
  • Include manufacturers in the description, but do not trace them.
  • Follow all other provisions for Vault modern cataloging


Amelia will start book-in-hand recataloging of the Shakespeare Collection, starting near the end of the dated sets (PR2753 1983) and moving backwards.

  • Note: We started with the row beginning shelfmark PR2753 1929; the contents of the two rows following looked like they'd be tough going for training
  • For records not found in OCLC, or more than ordinarily complicated, set aside for Modern Materials Cataloger
  • Continue to add names not found to the NACO spreadsheet 
  • For the initial training period, let DJL know when you've cataloged and carefully proofread a small batch of files. At a future time, you will start collaborate proofreading with Eric
  • Instead of creating a cataloging guide, I would like you to learn how to use AACR2 and the LCRI's

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